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 Light Of Dawn(Jcink Prem), AU ABO BTVS/ATS/SPN/TVD RP
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    SITE NAME & LINK Light Of Dawn

    CATEGORY: Other

    SUB-FORUM: Multigenre
    YOUR AD:

    Enter The Chaos
    The battle of Good vs Evil seems to be a never ending battle of what side should win.Just as there are evil doers in the world, there will always be those willing to stop them. It is September 2008 and although things seem to have calmed down during the years don't let the calm fool you. There is always something evil lurking in the shadows ready to strike at a moments notice.

    These days Alphas,Betas and Omegas live in peace, even have equal rights unlike back in the day where Alphas seemed to be at the top treating Omegas nothing more than breeders to fill and fuck. Betas would also have to deal with what ever was needed in those times. Have you ever woke up and watched the first light of dawn creep along the sky? It's Beautiful isn't it?

    This takes place 5 years after the battle of the hellmouth in Sunnydale, 4 years after the big battle with the senior partners in LA, Right when Dean comes out of hell thanks to Castiel lifting him from the box and he dug out of his grave, And a year before Stefan met Elena at the cemetery(However we can change this timeline to fit into season 1 of tvd)

aka Dee
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We are still pretty new and accepting both canon and ocs

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