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all coding questions belong in our CODING HELP forum, please! as always, keep in mind that we DO NOT ALLOW REQUESTS OF ANY KIND, THIS INCLUDES REQUESTS VIA PM.
shine is a coding-centric resource forum with a focus on helping people like yourself learn how to code! we offer premade templates and skins, as well, we have tons of tutorials and a helpful staff that will answer any questions you have.
the skin and graphics were all created by LAUZ, with some help from HANNAH, explicitly for SHINE and should not be replicated in any way; please do not derive inspiration from this skin. all work and materials found on this site belong to their respective owners and should not be stolen or recreated in any way.
APRIL 10TH please welcome bunny to the peacekeeping team!

APRIL 5TH please welcome jen to the peacekeeping team and violet to advertising!

APRIL 4TH please welcome zee to the gamemaker team and spica to the coding team!

FEBRUARY 4TH please welcome yaya to the advert team!

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AUGUST 27TH please welcome tayter to the coding team!

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no one likes reading through this stuff, we know. even we don't, but hey it's all important and will help you enjoy your experience here at shine!
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the guest book
Log in problems by DWIGHT FAIRFIELD. on Mar 15 2018, 02:28 PM
this isn't just for guests. if you have a question, comment or concern about SHINE, post it here! This forum is guest friendly.
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any big news, announcements, etc., old and new can be found in here. be sure to check back every so often for anything important.
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account recovery by MARKIPLIER. on May 31 2015, 12:42 AM
this board is for any moderating needs such as name changes, moving threads, etc.
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Nemok introduction by Nemok on Today at 05:50 am
come and start a thread in here and start getting to know fellow shine members! don't worry, most of us don't bite.
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submit your site
DEAD SITE? by BLACK MAMBA. on Apr 12 2018, 03:47 PM
before you can advertise on our board, be sure to read the rules and post your advertisement in here to get sorted. thanks!
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if you'd like to affiliate with shine please refer to the thread within this forum. we open and close our affiliates pretty regularly, so keep track of the thread within to see if we're accepting!
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real life
MILKSHAKE. by storm-cloud on Today at 04:47 pm
after you've submitted your advertisement, all real life boards will be sorted into the correct sub-board here.
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after you've submitted your advertisement, all adaptation boards will be sorted into the correct sub-board here.
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after you've submitted your advertisement, all fantasy or sci-fi boards will be sorted into the correct sub-board here.
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Candyland couture [jcink] by kellie on Apr 6 2018, 09:03 PM
after you've submitted your advertisement, all resource boards will be sorted into the correct sub-board here.
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Celestial Gateway Academy by Gandalf on Apr 16 2018, 05:15 PM
after you've submitted your advertisement, all boards which don't fit into any other categories will be sorted into the correct sub-board here.
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dead sites
Surf City -jcink- by DWIGHT FAIRFIELD. on Apr 16 2018, 12:56 AM
all dead and retired sites will be moved here when the time comes.
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