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Posted by: GAVIN FREE. Jun 2 2014, 04:09 PM
staff search!
hello little lightshines! as we're sure you know, we're a coding-centric resource community; our focus is to help people learn how to code while also supplying various codes for your enjoyment. we also have a really great community and the staff are friendly and reliable. we boast a drama-free environment and tons of friendly people. overall what we're looking for are people that are willing to dedicate time to making this place just the best it can be. we want the creative thinkers, the innovators, the professional and the level-headed. taking care of shine is a huge job and we just can't do it alone! also, note that coding abilities are preferred but not necessary.

do keep in mind that you will have monthly responsibilities that must be completed, so don't just expect to get your name out there and brag about being staff on a big resource site without having to do some real work! if you have graphic experience, that is a huge plus!

shine will have staff searches up every day of every month, and each month we will change what positions we are looking for. instead of posting your application below you need to PM your applications to lauz or krista. only staff will be seeing your applications.

needed positions

2 CODING this is shine's focus, so we want to see the best of the best coders here. we'd prefer if you had a gallery up and had a decent amount of codes submitted that you can show us as examples. as a member of the coding staff, you will be handling the bulk of the boards, dealing with promotions, and general maintenance of those boards. you will be helping our members understand issues that deal with coding, moving and keeping topics neat and tidy in the coding forums, and be a role model to the members who aspire to be better coders. coding proficiency is an absolute necessity; you don't have to be ranked, but we'd love it if you were

2 PEACEKEEPING peacekeeping is a very intense section of shine staff, and the secondary focus to coding. to be a pk, you need to be direct and focused, you need to be able to look at evidence and act accordingly. being unbiased is key in being a pk! your job is to ensure security, so that means dealing with multiple accounts, with member issues, as well as ripping cases. if you cannot think objectively, reconsider another part of the team! we ask that you have some kind of security experience, whether that be on your own/someone else's site, or on another resource site. it is not required, as we have a team dedicated to helping you learn. site presence/activity is a huge plus!

1 GAMEMAKER these mods are responsible for creating all the really fun challenges around shine! to be a gamemaker, we want to see variety and excitement in the challenges you come up with. we want to see creativity, so don't be afraid to get kind of crazy with the examples you send us. we do both coding challenges for those that require coding only, and also mixed, that sometimes involve graphics or writing. you do not need to be a coder yourself, but having general knowledge on coding is required to make challenges.

2 ADVERTISING the advertising directory is all left up to the advert mods, and its a huge section, and may seem somewhat daunting. advert mods are expected to sort a certain number of ads per month as well as go through the ads at the end of the month to clean out dead/inactive sites. you'll be here to help people with sorting their sites, answer any questions about submissions they may have, and generally be in the chatbox regularly just in case assistance is needed.

[b]NAME / ALIAS[/b] your name or preferred alias
[b]USERNAME[/b] your username on shine
[b]AGE[/b] your age.
[b]TIMEZONE[/b] self-explanatory
[b]STAFF POSITION[/b] your top two desired positions, in order of preference.
[b]ACTIVITY[/b] how often are you online?
[b]PAST EXPERIENCE[/b] what makes you qualified to be a staff member?
[b]EXAMPLES[/b] provide examples of your work, whether it be coding, sites you've been an admin/mod on, etc. (not required, but we'd love if you had some graphic talent as well; we make challenge awards for our challenge winners and always need more help making them!)
[b]DRAFT PM[/b] write a pm to member A handling the situation of ripping a code from member B; everyone must do this, no matter what position you apply for
[b]2 CHALLENGE IDEAS[/b] only if you're applying to be gamemaker; if not, take this section out.
[b]ABOUT YOU[/b] tell us about you! c:

Posted by: DWIGHT FAIRFIELD. Apr 3 2018, 12:40 PM
the positions we're looking for have been updated! if you're interested in becoming staff, but are unsure if you qualify, send in an application anyway! what's the worst that could happen? and who knows, you may be more qualified than you think.

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