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all coding questions belong in our CODING HELP forum, please! as always, keep in mind that we DO NOT ALLOW REQUESTS OF ANY KIND, THIS INCLUDES REQUESTS VIA PM.
shine is a coding-centric resource forum with a focus on helping people like yourself learn how to code! we offer premade templates and skins, as well, we have tons of tutorials and a helpful staff that will answer any questions you have.
the skin and graphics were all created by LAUZ explicitly for SHINE and should not be replicated in any way; please do not derive inspiration from this skin. all work and materials found on this site belong to their respective owners and should not be stolen or recreated in anyway. rihanna PNGs in the banner are from maarco @ DA
MARCH 21ST happy spring, here is a new skin! thank lauz for the new skin and, as always, refer to this topic to post all your comments and any issues you may have.

JANUARY 27TH please welcome sophie to the gamemaker team!

JANUARY 19TH please welcome alyssa and bre to the advertising team!

DECEMBER 17TH happy holidays, we've created a new skin just for the season! as always, any bugs and glitches, please refer to this thread.

OCTOBER 31ST please welcome em to the gamemaker team! also, happy halloween! <3

AUGUST 28th please welcome rey to the peacekeeper team!

JULY 12TH please welcome josie, kookie, and mei to the advertising team!

MAY 27TH please welcome essi to the coding team and congratulations to teena for being promoted to gamemaker global!

MAY 25TH please welcome sebbie to the advertising team!

CHAOS REIGNED inspire me

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 Hey, there!
aka TomatoPotato
TomatoPotato2 posts gallery prefers
Hello. I'm new here. I registered a while ago however I didn't post anything because I was pretty busy at the time.

Now that I have some free time, I would really like to become an active member of Shine. I am a newbie on coding but I look forward to get better and learn more about it.

I hope I get to meet you and that we can learn a lot from eachother.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this community.
Kind regards. :)

aka jaronart
OSAMU DAZAI181 posts gallery INTERMEDIATE prefers he/she/they/pickle
Hey there! I love your username - it's giving me some trouble on which way to pronounce it, you know? To-mae-toh or Toh-mah-toh and all that. Also i absolutely love potatoes Anyways welcome to SHINE!

Wallow in darkness
aka bre
JEAN HAVOC.201 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers she/her
welcome to shine! it's honestly such a good resource for learning how to code - so many people willing to help answer questions and there's a tutorial for almost everything.

hopefully you can start getting some codes out and showing us all the skills you learn!

december 2016
still being quietly active here when i can! haven't really been coding much, been more focused on roleplaying~
aka Chris
SithLordOfSnark303 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers He/Himn
Hello there and welcome to Shine :)

aka Kellie
Jessica Jones2442 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers She/Her
welcome to shine, sweetie! nice to meet you!

february 6th

schools sucks like always and philosophy is kicking my ass tbh but i'm still here 100%!

user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image
aka Sylvia
viggo mortensen !!1811 posts gallery INTERMEDIATE prefers she/her
hey there and welcome to shine! c: i'm sylvia, a coding mod, so if you have any questions feel free to let me know! <3



happy holidays! coding mod sylvia here! if you need any help, check out our help forum!
aka Sebbie
House MD !375 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers She her
Hey, Tomato it's me, Sebbie, again. Just wanted to wait a few days to pop in here to say HI. Seemed a bit redundant to do so the day we spoke. ;) Anyway, just wanted to officially welcome you to Shine, you're just the sweetest little potato. Stay that way. Also if you ever need help with coding this is definitely the place to be. The staff are great at helping out and teaching. Best of luck and I'm happy to help too with the beginning things! WELCOME!

aka alyssa
alyssa ren.274 posts gallery BEGINNER prefers she/her
hi there and welcome to shine! first off i love your username, the rhyme makes me happy xD if you have any questions feel free to ask, promise that we don't bite :3

hey there, i'm alyssa! i'm a 21 year old film and television undergraduate student who graphic designs and codes on the side. i write a lot of fanfic on the side and i adore star wars, harry potter and marvel.

march 26
everything hurts and i am dying. school is hell but look at that awesome sig made by mocki on shadowplay!!

aka rey
Jyn Erso !708 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers
Hey there! I'm Rey, one of the PK mods. Welcome to Shine (: If you need any help, please feel free to PM me. Also, the tutorials are definitely a great place to get started so I would recommend giving those a look!

aka Kookie
KOOKIE ?!469 posts gallery EXPERIENCED prefers She/Her
Welcome to SHINE! <3

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