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APRIL 10TH please welcome bunny to the peacekeeping team!

APRIL 5TH please welcome jen to the peacekeeping team and violet to advertising!

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AUGUST 27TH please welcome tayter to the coding team!

AUGUST 18TH please welcome evvie to the coding team!

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 I hope I am doing this right....., ....but hi there!
aka Ashie
AshieWolfie11 posts gallery prefers She/Wolfie
Oh goodness....hello there folks. My name is Ashley, but most know me as Ashie. I was learning coding about 3 years ago, but then I dropped off the face of the planet coding wise. Now I would love to get back into coding templates mainly.

When I am not into coding or learning about abstract art, I am a full time caretaker to my mom and sister. I am also a live streamer. Getting into my art on my twitch channel. :)

Hope to get to know a lot of you here and learn everything I can learn.

<3 Ashie

aka josie
BLACK MAMBA.6142 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers she/her
welcome to shine ashley! you'll find plenty of resources and tutorials here to help you get back into the swing of coding. i hope to see you around shine! <3

april 17th

i'm officially on summer break until i start summer classes in mid may. feel free to PM me if you have any questions or need anything.


aka Ashie
AshieWolfie11 posts gallery prefers She/Wolfie
Oh thank you! I know you will see me around here. :) I am loving it here so far.

aka Chey
ROSE HATHAWAY!1673 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers She/her
Hey Ashley! Welcome to shine! There are plenty of resources here to help get you back onto the coding path. I look forward to seeing your creations.

Hover over for updates

April 2018 Hey lovelies. Happy April! I hope you all are doing well. I'm the Peacekeeping global, so if you need anything; feel free to send me a message security related or not. <3

aka Ashie
AshieWolfie11 posts gallery prefers She/Wolfie
Thank you so much! I am having a lot of fun here. :D

aka elena
jane the virgin538 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers she/her
hiiii ashley and welcome to shine!! i'm glad to see you're getting back into the world of coding/rping in general and i can't wait to see you around the site. i wish you the best of luck with your coding journey <3

aka evvie
JOYCE BYERS.871 posts gallery EXPERIENCED prefers she/her
hi ashley!! not to reiterate what everyone else is saying, but welcome to shine and back to the world of rping/coding <3 we have lots of resources and tutorials that should prove to be helpful!! i'm evvie, one of the resident coding mods. please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns <3

also, what do you stream on twitch?

aka Val
JOE KEERY!602 posts gallery EXPERIENCED prefers she/her
hi ashley and welcome to shine dear! i can't wait to see what you come up coding wise. if you have any questions, let me know!

user posted image
aka Ashie
AshieWolfie11 posts gallery prefers She/Wolfie
Thank you all so much!

@[Joyce Byers] I stream art on twitch. I used to stream video games, but now it is art.

NEA KARLSSON.381 posts gallery INTERMEDIATE prefers she/her
HEY ASHIE! <3 welcome to shine! i'm tay, one of the coding mods here. if you ever need anything, don't hesitate to reach out to me or anyone else on the staff! shine is definitely the best place to come to get back into coding, i was in the same boat as you! this place has helped me grow so much <3

ALSO FELLOW LIVESTREAMER?!?!? i'm a streamer on twitch too! i'm now going to be stalking you and giving you a follow okieeeee. if you ever wanna gab about it feel free to shoot me a message! <3

hi, i'm the girl scout merit badge in basket-weaving that eludes you to this day!
trixie mattel
october 9, 2017
updated with a shiny new username & signature! starting a new job oct 16th, so i'm banging things out now!
aka Zee
The Black Canary.831 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers She
Welcome back to the land of rp and coding, Ashie! I hope you find all the crazy fun your looking for <3

aka Spica
Minatozaki Sana255 posts gallery EXPERIENCED prefers she + her
Yo Ashie! It's always nice to see some fresh faces <3 You like art too? I would love to see some of your works, do let me know when you're streaming! I'm a fellow art enthusiast but I'm sure that my work pales in comparison. Digital art is my one and only way to draw art since I can erase all my mistakes lmao. I haven't learned coloring yet, I'm currently focusing on my anatomy so I can piece some poses together. Arms sure are the hardest to draw @_@

And yes, what everyone said! I can't wait to see what things you create, and please do reach out should you have any questions.


spica cst she + her experienced

aka jen
mrsque105 posts gallery BEGINNER prefers she/her
hello and welcome! and also welcome back to the world of coding and rp. they are great places to be!

welcome to our community. we are so happy to have you here and we all hope to watch you grow as well as to help you develop your skills. <3

jen. old as balls. eastern
aka yaya
babomal144 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers she / her
Hi Ashie, late to say so but welcome to Shine. Also welcome back to the planet lol

user posted image user posted image
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