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APRIL 11TH please welcome mai to the peacekeeper team and lisa to the advertising team!

MARCH 21ST happy spring, here is a new skin! thank lauz for the new skin and, as always, refer to this topic to post all your comments and any issues you may have.

JANUARY 27TH please welcome sophie to the gamemaker team!

JANUARY 19TH please welcome alyssa and bre to the advertising team!

DECEMBER 17TH happy holidays, we've created a new skin just for the season! as always, any bugs and glitches, please refer to this thread.

OCTOBER 31ST please welcome em to the gamemaker team! also, happy halloween! <3

AUGUST 28th please welcome rey to the peacekeeper team!

JULY 12TH please welcome josie, kookie, and mei to the advertising team!

MAY 27TH please welcome essi to the coding team and congratulations to teena for being promoted to gamemaker global!

MAY 25TH please welcome sebbie to the advertising team!


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aka lauz
ROY MUSTANG.10067 posts gallery ELITE prefers she/her
happy spring!
so i've been working on this kind of secretly for the past few days and now, here it is! winter is over--mostly, listen, its still cold here--and we're now into spring, so here's a bright happy skin for spring. all coding & graphics were done by me, lauz~ so if there are any issues, you guys all know what to do. leave any comments here that you'd like!

other than that we've added a new profile field that you can go fill out; its for pronouns! we've thought about doing it for a while but never got around to it, so now you can have that information in your profile so that we all use the proper pronouns when addressing you.

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aka Kellie
Jessica Jones2552 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers She/Her
As always, beautiful skin! I love it <3

april 11th

almost done with school lol bless but am here 100% so don't hesitate to pm me if you need anything at all lovelies ♥

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aka Chris
SithLordOfSnark310 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers He/Himn
Very lovely skin :)

aka alyssa
alyssa ren.351 posts gallery BEGINNER prefers she/her
this is awesome lauz! so pretty and colorful it helps me forget that its freezing here still


21 year old college student. eternally dying. loves star wars too much.

aka ellie
TYLER JOSEPH.118 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers she / her
i am disGUSTED holy heck this skin is amazing!!!!! <33

aka Krista
FEYRE ARCHERON6277 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers she/her
<3333333 beautifullll

user posted image

aka bre
JEAN HAVOC.315 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers she/her

december 2016
still being quietly active here when i can! haven't really been coding much, been more focused on roleplaying~
aka josie
harley quinn.2587 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers she/her
AHHHH the profile avatars are back where they were too so i can go back to using my 200x300 avatars! woohoo!! i'm glad you added pronouns because sometimes i'm like errrr i'm just gonna opt for they/them/their to be safe lol. obviously this skin is GORGEOUS and you did an incredible job lauz!!! i'm loving it! <33

february 17th

focusing on school right now but i'm still very much here! feel free to PM me if you have any questions or need anything.


aka jaronart
OSAMU DAZAI221 posts gallery INTERMEDIATE prefers he/she/they/pickle

Wallow in darkness
aka Sebbie
House MD !381 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers She her
Loving it! But then again it is a Lauz skin so that's a given. No I'm not kissing up shut up. Haha. Just love the profiles and the pronouns being added also. Love love love, so relaxing. <3

aka cris
ROMAN REIGNS.83 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers SHE/HER
so gorgeous! love the colors so much (:

aka Roy
Hxllow Saints18 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers he/him/his
Hello, nice skin.

I would like to point out a couple of things:

When watching a main profile the boxes don't align vertically, i mean the .mainpinfo1.

Also the font-weight of the topic/forum title is too light and i can barely see them, if you could up that up a little to make it more accessible would be great.

Also maybe using a letter spacing in the maintitle would make it more distinguishable. This is only cause i am photosensitive and my eyes strain with the yellow, so maybe it doesn't bother anyone else XD.

Hope i don't bother.

hells is empty
and all the heavens above

aka lauz
ROY MUSTANG.10067 posts gallery ELITE prefers she/her
the main profile info is only a problem not aligning--for me at least--when someone hasn't filled in their pronouns, so i think maybe i've fixed it? if they don't align in a row for you then that's just either a resolution or browser thing--though everything looks fine in both firefox and chrome for me.

i thickened up the board names a little bit in both main forums and the topics themselves.

as for the maintitles, without sacrificing my aesthetic goal, i've added more spacing; it probably won't be up to par, but there was a certain look i was going for and that's as far as i'm willing to go to try and accommodate, sorry!

user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image
aka Kookie
KOOKIE ?!479 posts gallery EXPERIENCED prefers She/Her
Beautiful as always, Lauz <3

aka liv
bob zimmerman91 posts gallery UNRANKED prefers she/her
asdfghjkl this skin is pure gold, i'm in love <3

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