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 Mayhem & Madness v2.0, graphics and writing resource forum
M&M - Marvin
 Posted: Apr 10 2012, 11:37 AM

user posted image
New Board, New Link, Same Friendly Community

Welcome to the world of faeries, a land where legends become reality. Enter a world where seasons come and go as we please and graphic makers, and story-tellers, have the freedom of achieving the impossible. Mayhem&Madness is the graphics, writing and resource forum dedicated to all our faeries, from those who are newly born to those who have fully blossomed.

Our faeries are working hard to compile a list of resources just for you. No matter what you're looking for, from brushes to patterns to screencaps to writing tutorials, we assure you that there is at least one website we provide that offers what you need. Our staff team are about to help you strive to reach the goals and answer the questions set forth by each faerie. Are you ready to enter a world full of faith, trust, and pixie dust?
 Posted: Apr 10 2012, 12:09 PM
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thank you for advertising with shine, and for following our rules! please remember to check our rules about bumping!

user posted image
user posted imageuser posted image
M&M - Marvin
 Posted: Apr 24 2012, 10:54 AM

Hello Peeps! :]

Our sparkling fairies have made a total of 5,352 posts We have 145 fairies currently causing mayhem & madness! Our newest human is LalaBugg. The most fairies ever on were 46 on Apr 9 2012, 12:47 PM.

We are currently on the process of accepting the promotions of the members' galleries and nominating the april brownie awardees. :] If you would like to join us just simply register though you have to wait for the next month but I assure you that with M&M v2.0 you will enjoy every bit of fantasy.

So what are you waiting for?! :D Join now and enter the World of Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust?
M&M - Marvin
 Posted: May 9 2012, 09:21 AM

April Newsletter
*starts dance music* Grab a dancer partner, it's time to party! Haha, okay, so maybe it's not time to party but there is a TON to celebrate which is always a good occasion to bust out a few dance moves. With April at a close, we now have a fantastic total of 155 awesome members! We're so happy to have all of you guys around the forum doing various activities and just being here to support a happy vibe and attitude. It means a lot to the staff as well as your fellow members. There was a lot of great things that happened in April and we're going to recognize all of them in this newsletter! This will include all about the Month of Incentives and the winners, the winners of the Last Faerie Standing competitions, Brownie awards, promotions, and so on.
- With love and pixie dust, M&M 2 Staff
    New Staff/Still Hiring
    We have an epic addition to our team as well as an older staffer coming back!
    New Advertising Sprite: Marvin [Marvin] - he has tons of experience in advertising and also brings such a welcoming and approaching attitude to his position so we're so happy and lucky to have him on board!!
    New Design Sprite/Admin: Grif [to be a tinman .] - you all know her but due to personal issues she had to step down as admin for a bit. However, she is now back and is helping with some design sprite duties as well as returning to her old position of admin and we're so thrilled she is!!

    Please help me in welcoming them/welcoming them back to the team!!

    We're also still looking for some additional help. Here is what we need!
  • Advertising Sprite [1]
  • Tutorial Sprite [1]
  • Challenge Sprite [1]

    The requirements for being a lovely sprite are as follows:

  • Commitment to M&MV2
  • Friendly and helpful attitude
  • Willing to work with a team
  • Have a post count of at least 20
  • Innovative, not afraid to go above and beyond
  • Willing to listen to what others say and follow orders
  • Have not been warned in the past six months

    None of these requirements are to be taken lightly. We need people who truly are willing to help and do their part to make this forum work better for everyone to enjoy! If you feel you're the right person for the job then you can find more information and the application here.

    What's New in April!
    New Tutorials
    [SIGNATURE] His Face is a Map of the World - By Finnick Odair
    [SIGNATURE] Knife in My Heart - by arya
    [SIGNATURE] The Little Things - by to be a tinman .
    [OTHER] How to get Fonts! - by Finnick Odair

    New Resources
    [PSDs] Evey's PSDs - by Evey!
    [PSDs] Hunger Games Caps - by spectrum
    [PSDs] Warm Orange - by spectrum
    [PSDs] Razors Out - by SD.
    [STOCK] Evey's Stock Pack - by Evey!
    [TEXTURES] 7 Black and White Signature Textures - by Moonlight Shadow
M&M - Marvin
 Posted: May 24 2012, 12:11 AM

Hi Guys! :D

Hope posting our board's statistics is fine. It would be effective for your guys how we are doing and how are activity's growing by the past month. It'll show you how active m&m v2.0 is now. Our sparkling fairies have made a total of 7,153 posts. We have 179 fairies currently causing mayhem. The newest human is GirlOnFire. The most fairies ever on were 46 on Apr 9 2012, 12:47 PM

Mayhem & Madness v2.0? is currently in the process of accepting the promotions of the members' galleries and nominating the april brownie awardees. :] If you would like to join us just simply register though you have to wait for the next month but I assure you that with M&M v2.0 you will enjoy every bit of fantasy.

There's also new events coming up on the month of June. Last Faerie Standing Event is coming back and another board wide event will soon be coming your way! So what are you waiting for? December 21!? Come and get your bum here and join the World of Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust?
M&M - Marvin
 Posted: Jun 9 2012, 09:02 PM

user posted image
    *waves to all the fine people* Hi there! We all sincerely hope you're doing well! It's time, once again, to celebrate the past month and look ahead to the awesome things awaiting us in the future. May was a month of slow but steady growth for Mayhem & Madness 2. We have 188+ members now which is fantastic! We hope all of the new and current members continue to enjoy the forum and have a great time!

    In this newsletter, we will be talking about many things. They include Brownie of the Month awards, Promotions, Soon to come additions to the writing section, July's Month of Positivity event, and more!

    We'd like to thank you all again for being such fantastic members!
    - With love and pixie dust, M&M 2 Staff
user posted image
  • New Advertising Sprite: Silje [siljeeileen] is our new Advertising Sprite and will be assisting Marvin in getting M&M's name out there so that we can continue to meet new and amazing people like all of you!
  • New Challenge Sprite: Flor [Flora] is our new Challenge Sprite are will be assisting Manda is creating new challenges and such for everyone to enjoy!!

    Both are super important jobs and we know they'll both do well! Welcome to the team!

    Also, with new additions coming soon to the forum and all, we probably will still need new sprites! We still have to finalize how we'll need and hopefully a post will be coming soon to the Seelie Court as to which positions will be open. So, keep an eye out for that!

user posted imageuser posted image]
    Writing Section Additions
    The writing areas are going to be getting a bit of a revamp. While we aren't taking anything away, we are definitely adding more to it. More goodies, more tutorials, and more areas to get involved in.

    The biggest addition is the roleplaying center. Oh yes, you read that right. Roleplaying is coming to Mayhem and Madness 2. It isn't your average forum roleplay. There is no site-wide plot or world that everyone must adhere to. Instead, its a sandbox with lots of other sandboxes inside. Or in other words, its a place where you create your own world and roleplay within a small group, or even with just one other person. While there are rules that would have to be followed, and you can read them when the section makes it debut, this whole area will be a new way to express yourself creatively.

    Since its been here for awhile, you've probably noticed there is a 100 Challenge for graphic makers. Well, now there will be one for writers as well. Only, instead of having to write 100 things, which would be an insane challenge, a slightly smaller version will be made available. As with the 100 Challenge for the graphic makers, this is also a personal based one where it is only you and the clock. Unlike the 100 Challenge, there are specific prompts that will be presented that you have to write off of. What those prompts are will be revealed when the challenge itself is.

    Now that you know some of our devious plans, we hope you are excited about them. I know I definitely am.

    Month of Positivity
    Another big themed event! You guys seem to enjoy these and we hope you'll also enjoy this one as well. MOP will be going on throughout the entire month of July and will focus on positive, happy things! The theme of the month is to see things differently, celebrate the things that make you happy and give you inspiration, and so much more. A lot of us are going through negative things and everyone has bad days regardless of any circumstances and so we hope this will something to lifts everyone's spirits and let you know there's good things to celebrate even when there appears not to be.

    So, now that you know what the month is about you're probably wondering what's going to be happening? Well, the super fine details are still being figured out but so far we know that there will be lots of challenges, both writing and graphics, that will relate to the theme of the month. This will also include another Last Faerie Standing competition!!

    Another exciting aspect of MOP will be having M&M Buddies for the first time ever! It was something that received the second highest amount of votes in our poll asking what you guys would like to receive and so we're happy to finally try it out. With M&M Buddies, you will have the chance to fill out a form and be paired for the month with another M&M member. You will have your own chat thread and be able to talk about anything you'd like. You will also both make a blend for one another that will be entered into a challenge where everyone will receive an award regardless of where you place! (If this is confusing, no worries! It will be explained more in depth once July is here!) We hope that this will encourage you to really get to know your buddy and have fun. There will also be other challenges where you can enter with your buddy if you'd like!

    There will also be a few other awesome things as well! We truly do hope that this can be something for you guys to look forward to and have fun with once it's here!

    More things to buy with your MD? Yes! but...we need your input!
    More things to buy using your MD (Magic Dust) was also another thing in our poll that you guys voted for. Grif recently posted a thread in the Seelie Court asking for suggestions as to what you guys would to be able to buy. Please feel free to suggest anything that comes to mind! It may not be implemented but all suggestions can be helpful. You can find more information in the thread here!
 Posted: Aug 24 2012, 03:27 PM

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